What is E-Data Forms?

This mobile-based application automates the process of creating any type of forms and surveys for on-the-go data capture. It is designed to fit all business needs of collecting and managing data. Go beyond the simple step of digitizing paper by making forms smart with rules and formulas.

Why our Clients choose Expaq Data Forms?


Digitize paper and allow field teams on the go data capture.


The forms are easy to use with intuitive design


Get rid of tiresome paperwork. Collected data is available in realtime and is actionable


Gain real-time insight into your operational activities. Analyse data as it comes in and work smart.

Key Features:

  • Preset Rules and formulas for data capture
  • Definition of different data types
  • Image Capture
  • Offline Data capture
  • Auto Sync of data once online
  • Automatic GPS capture of the location of data capture
  • Serialization of devices for data capture